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Of The Sun, a trio of musicians, who through years of experience and evolution, in an effort to create their own approach to experimental music, have coined the term Southern Progressive Metal: infusing the percussive grooves of early '90s rock and metal with the technicality of modern progressive metal, with an appreciation for various vocal styles. The members in Of The Sun aim to shape sounds in ways that convey the honest and exciting nature of their collective creative vision.
They hail from Austin, Texas.   


Guitar, Vocals: Patrick Duvall
Bass, Vocals: David Duvall
Drums: ?


A.M. Radio

by Of The Sun

Before a Human Path

by Of The Sun

Our long-overdue sophomore record, recorded at White Room Studios in Austin, Texas with Sebastian Cure.  Released April, 14, 2017.

latest reviews for before a human path from the metal world

We are happy to share with you some reviews from very different places after the release of our second sonic baby.  Here we have a review from our young friend Low Gain in Illinois over at MetalNexus.net...  http://metalnexus.net/review-of-the-sun-before-a-human-path-album-stream/  
And then we have a very interesting review from Marcelo Lopes Vieira with MetalNaLata all the way down in Brazil!  This guy gets it...  http://metalnalata.com.br/site/of-the-sun-before-a-human-path-2017/
 Big thanks to both for their time and opinions.

pre-show jitters: 3 tremendous reviews from around the web

With the release of Before a Human Path set for tomorrow, April 14th, we've been doing to our best to hone our skills to make sure that we don't freak out and screw the whole thing up.  And so we were just inundated rapid-fire with three more album reviews, all paying very lofty compliments, from across the internet.  No pressure.  We're psyched and humbled by all the praise our sonic baby has been getting, and we can't wait to unleash it on the public tomorrow at Grizzly Hall.  Thank you to Layna D'Luna at ktswblog.net, Pat "Riot" Whitaker at TasteNation, and the staff over at New Noise Magazine for your time and kind words. Also stick around at New Noise Magazine's website to stream Before a Human Path in it's entirety!  
Here are the links to the reviews:  https://ktswblog.net/2017/04/12/of-the-sun-before-a-human-path-review/

A soliloquy: Song premiere on metal underground

We've released our second single, and the 4th track from Before a Human Path, "A Soliloquy" (a heartwarming tale of seeking answers, triumph, defeat, and the cyclical nature of reality - all packaged in a mind fuck of musical dichotomy) on MetalUnderground.com!  Listen to it here and wrap your brain around some of our new tunes, coming to a stage near you soon!

before a human path gets 5 stars from ramzine

We are humbled and beyond excited that our new record received a 5 out of 5 star review from our new friend Sam Savigny over at RAMzine.  We would like to thank Sam for his very kind and honest words.  Read the review here.

what he listens to in the shadows: patrick's guest blog on glacially musical

When Patrick was asked to compile a playlist of songs that he not only enjoys, but also might shed some insight into the inspirations and influences behind our music, he only had to think for about 5 seconds before he thought of about 20 fuckin' songs.  Unfortunately, they only asked for 10.  Anyway, you can read the piece, hear the tunes and catch a glimpse into the twisted mind of OF THE SUN right here.

Before a Human Path: 4 out of 5 from Maximum Metal

Dave Loveless over at MaximumMetal.com got his hands on an advance copy of Before a Human Path and had some very flattering things to say, but at the same time, didn't pull any punches.  Get the straight dope from the horse's mouth right here.

guest column on metalrecusants.com

We were recently asked by MetalRecusants.com to lay down some thoughts on some of our favorite music, an assignment which David took to task with obvious fervor.  Take a trip down Memory Lane and read the piece here.

nebulamorphous: song premiere on transcending obscurity

The second track from our new record, Before a Human Path has been officially premiered.  Nebulamorphous is a tale of pushing limits, seeking answers, delving into mysteries, and, well... tripping balls.  Click here to hear the new track on Transcending Obscurity, read their review and also browse the multitude of other awesome metal bands they have on their site.  You can also listen to the new track by checking out the "Media" section of this website.

bahp review from absolute zero media

Our friends over at Absolute Zero Media just got their hands on a copy of Before a Human Path and got busy putting it in their ear holes.  Find out what they had to say about it here.

before a human path's first review from musicexistence.com

We sent an advance copy of Before a Human Path to Jake Kussmaul over at musicexistence.com to see what he thought about our latest sonic creation, and he had some rather... interesting things to say.  Thanks to Jake and Music Existence for making it happen! Read the review here.

The way to the path: The story behind the making of "before a human path"

Written by Patrick Duvall

Before A Human Path is the product of a journey.

It goes something like this:

A majority of the songs (A Soliloquy, The Tightrope Mile & Nebulamorphous) took initial form between David and me in South Carolina immediately after recording our debut album, AM Radio read more...

Beginnings: An Introspective By patrick duvall

As brothers, David and I learned how to play our instruments alongside one another, drew from the same inspirations, spent the entirety of our adolescence, teenage years, and onward developing our stage presence and collaborating with different musicians. We went on road trips, read more...


Devin Townsend Nearly Shut Down By Austin Fire Marshall

Friday (9/30) night's show at Dirty Dog Bar featuring Of The Sun, Memories in Broken Glass and The Devin Townsend Project was a night to remember. The last minute showcase, put on by Come and Take It Productions, was a prime example of what happens when local talent is given the opportunity to display their talents alongside a worldwide musical icon.
Although the show came to a premature end when agents from the Austin City Fire Marshall's Office arrived and declared that the venue was overfull, the mood in the crowd remained electric.


Upcoming Album: "Before A Human Path"

Nearly eight years after the completion of our debut album, "A.M. Radio", we are happy to announce that we have completed tracking and mixing our sophomore album, "Before A Human Path" at White Room Studios in Austin, Texas.  We are currently in the process of final revisions, mastering and artwork.  Helmed by Of The Sun and producer/engineer Sebastian Cure, the record should be available in physical copies by the end of 2016, with digital downloads being available by the end of October.




                                                               APRIL 14th, 2017: GRIZZLY HALL (BAHP RELEASE SHOW) 
                                                                           MARCH 13th, 2017: DIRTY FEST SXSW                                                                                              2017 @ DIRTY DOG BAR
                                                                         JANUARY 27th, 2017: KICK BUTT COFFEE
                                                                         DECEMBER 6TH, 2016: GRIZZLY HALL
                                                                         OCTOBER 25TH, 2016: DIRTY DOG BAR
                                                                       SEPTEMBER 30TH, 2016: DIRTY DOG BAR
                                                                          AUGUST 29TH, 2016: KICK BUTT COFFEE
                                                                           AUGUST 6TH, 2016: KICK BUTT COFFEE
                                                                           MARCH 22ND, 2016: DIRTY DOG BAR